11 Suzy James – Marathoner Who Started Running to Change her Future

Suzy James on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I’m excited for you to hear Suzy James tell her story on today’s episode. Suzy started running when she decided it was time for her to get in shape, lose weight, and avoid health risks.

Unexpectedly, a few minutes on the treadmill turned into a 5k, the 5k turned into a 10k, the 10k to a half marathon, and the half to a full.

Still a mindful eater, Suzy now has built a running community in her home of Sandpoint, ID, including her husband, and her kids who sometimes bike along on her runs.

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Something inside me wanted to be a part of that, something that was so big that I thought I could never reach.”

Show Notes:

  • How her desire to lose weight got her into running
  • Why she started with a 5k
  • How long it took her to train for her first run
  • The importance of celebrating small milestones
  • The transformative power of running
  • What happens when you take yourself seriously
  • The therapeutic effects of running
  • The validation of finishing a race
  • The importance of having goals
  • How she runs with her kids
  • The role running played in her weight loss
  • Why she’s a mindful eater
  • When she decided to try a full marathon
  • Why a full marathon is a different beast than a half

It’s so important to celebrate each little milestone.”

  • Why she regrets her response to her first marathon time
  • Why you have to build up your mental stamina
  • The importance of being good to yourself mentally
  • Running for fun versus running for time
  • Why you have to listen to your body
  • Why you should analyze your goals
  • Why you should be the best you can be that day
  • The humbling parts of running
  • Why you need experience more than anything
  • Why she runs with a heart monitor
  • The importance of hydration before, after, and during runs
  • Why she wants to start a running journal
  • The value of sharing your experience with other people

To reach that level of athleticism was so life defining for me.”

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You can’t perform to the level you want if you’re not fueling your body with the right stuff.”


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