T-Minus 24 Hours.

Airport PortlandI’m 24 hours from burning down marathon No. 2.

And truth be told, I’m WIRED. All week, I’ve been slaying the sh*t on my to-do list so I could spend the weekend in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, it hit me that I’m officially, (and finally!), staring down 26.2 again. Am I brilliant or out of my bloody mind? The jury’s still out. The only thing I can say with complete authority is that I plan to do whatever it takes to cross both the start line AND the finish. Prayers welcome. 

The journey to marathon No. 2 has been entirely different than the first.

The first time around, (earlier this year), I ran a zillion junk miles. I skimped on cross training. Did minimal strength training. Shoved cinnamon rolls and Mexican food down my throat ’til hell wouldn’t have  it. I spent the better part of THAT training cycle an out-of-control, white hot MESS. (I swear on my life your first marathon must be your best AND your worst.)

This time, I ran FAR fewer miles. I spent hours and hours swimming, rowing and lifting weights. And while I’m still 1000% reverent of the process, I’ve somehow managed to keep my tear ducts in check. (That, or they dried up after the first marathon — who freakin’ knows.) Anyhoo…

My BFF and I got here last night. After a quick walk and a fantastic meal at Ruth’s Chris, we were in bed by 9pm. Early this morning, with my CAT HAT firmly in place, I hoofed it around downtown for a few miles to get the blood flowing. (Okay, I was also hoping to burn off a bit of um… anxiety.)

I’m not sure how many Saturday’s this year I’ve been out pre-dawn laying down double digits, but I’d venture to guess it’s well over 25. That’s why racing on a Sunday sucks. It gives you a whole extra day to drive yourself absolutely freakin’ bat sh*t. 

On my trek this morning, I thanked God for my health. I also thanked him for the opportunity to be HERE doing THIS. I thought a lot about the girl I use to be… and who running has helped me become. I offered up thanks for being part of a community I respect and adore. And finally, I sent prayers to runners world-wide who, too, are rolling over start lines this weekend.

Folks, to me, anything to do with a race, a run or simply moving your body is heroic in my book. Today, I celebrate YOU, your efforts and your positive impact on the world. 

So… I’m off to hop in the shower. I’ll be picking up my race packet in a few hours… and meeting, (for the first time!), a few inspiring sole sisters who have included me on THEIR journey this year. But before I go, I’ll leave you with this:


That’s my plan.



P.S. Thanks to Distant Runners for the kick a** quote. If we haven’t met, come over and chat me up at: www.Facebook.com/BrooksFirstMarathon.

P.S.S. Did you snag your copy of my new book ONWARD? It’s $3.99 on Amazon… and I’m keeping the free bonuses up until Monday!

P.P.S.S. If  you’re in Portland this weekend and you’d like to meet, email me at brook.kreder@gmail.com and I’ll tell you where we’re headed! 

And finally — to all the powerful, inspiring, FEARLESS women in my 100 Days of Sole Challenge… thank you. You’ve touched my heart in ways words cannot express. ONWARD!

(Please forgive any typos this weekend — my laptop screen is smaller than my a**. Which I guess doesn’t say much but you catch my drift.)







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3 Responses to T-Minus 24 Hours.

  1. runner1313 October 5, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    Best of luck! I’m fresh off #6 and training for #7 in a month. I love a good 26.2. Enjoy yourself!

  2. runningtoherdreams October 6, 2013 at 1:28 am #

    All the best to you!! 🙂

  3. Jennifer Davidson October 6, 2013 at 3:31 am #

    You will rock it!! Good luck:)

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