21 Tammy Bowers – Facing Your Obstacles Head On

Tammy Bowers on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

Today I’m excited for you to hear my conversation with Tammy Bowers, a Fort Worth-based runner who has gone on an incredible journey.

Tammy found herself in terrible shape, overweight, and smoking, when she got a nutritionist through her work and everything started to change.

Today we’re talking about how she has lost the weight, quit smoking, and how she’s dealing with the challenges she’s facing as she trains for her third marathon.

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When I quit smoking, I knew I could do anything.” – Tammy Bowers

Show Notes:

  • Why she only ran one track meet in high school
  • Why she got a health coach through work
  • How she started losing weight
  • How she quit smoking
  • How she ran against herself in a 5k
  • Why she trained alone for her first race
  • How she felt when she got into the Chicago Marathon
  • How she trained for her first marathon
  • Why she used to eat raisins during her races

To me it felt incredible that I set my mind to this, I said I was going to do it, and I did it.” – Tammy Bowers

  • How race day went for her first marathon
  • How she never hit a wall during her first marathon
  • Why she didn’t finish her second marathon
  • The many methods she tried to heal her plantar fasciitis
  • Why she decided to do a sprint triathlon
  • The different feelings she’s having training for Houston
  • Her mixed feelings about running Boston
  • Why she wishes she had documented her journey

There’s always fear of the unknown, but I had been talking to myself for a long time telling myself I could do this, and I knew I was going to do it.” – Tammy Bowers

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It does change something in you, and make you feel proud to actually set a goal and reach it.” – Tammy Bowers



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