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Trena Roudebush on Sole Nation with Brook Kreder

I’m so excited today to introduce you to Trena Roudebush. I’ve known Trena for a couple years now, and I’ve seen her grow and evolve as a runner.

This incredible woman has run 65 half marathons, 15 marathons, and now three ultra marathons, and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

Today we’re talking about what it was like to run Boston, why she loves the social aspect of running, and the transition from road racing to trail racing.

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Somewhere along the way, I realized it was hard to start training again, so I just never stopped.” – Trena Roudebush

Show Notes:

  • How racing started as a social endeavor
  • How she racked up 65 half marathons
  • How the treadmill kept her honest
  • How she decided she was ready for a full
  • Why her husband told her to go ahead during their marathon
  • Why you have to push yourself
  • What it was like when she crossed the finish at her full
  • Why she started her running blog
  • How she keeps blowing herself away with her time
  • Why she chooses a runner up ahead to beat

We have no idea what our limits are until we push them; I’m not sure any of us have found them.” – Trena Roudebush

  • Why consistency and accountability are important
  • The value of letting go of time
  • How her relationship with food changed
  • The struggle she had during Boston
  • The power of a small race
  • How she transitioned from road running to trail running
  • How she changed her training for 50 miles
  • How she entertained herself for 10 hours
  • Why you have to trust yourself and the trail
  • Why you have to let the pressure go

I think we need to let go of the pressure sometimes and just enjoy it.” – Trena Roudebush

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Have good people around you: ones that believe in you, ones that’ll encourage you, ones that’ll share the wisdom.” – Trena Roudebush

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