Run With Brook

Hey sister! 

I don’t even know you [yet!] and I’m already freakin’ crazy about you.

That’s why I’m laying it all on the line and shamelessly asking you to spend some quality sole-rockin’, bra-burning, jaw-dropping, “OMG! I can’t believe I did that!” time with me.

(Okay, we won’t burn bras because they’re too damn expensive. But the rest absolutely holds true.)

Here’s why I’m asking you:

Because if you’re reading this, I think we already have a truckload in common.

Things like: We love to run. We dig crossing big finish lines. We don’t settle for mediocre. We know where we stand. We’re willing to take risks and imperfect action. We possess uncommonly positive attitudes. We’re not afraid to declare our super powers and we’re all too happy to spread the fire.

And that’s exactly why I’m issuing you an open ended, VIP invitation to hang with me.

You can start TODAY by joining my Sole Sisterhood. (Free!) You can also hop in on my next 100 Days of Sole Challenge, reserve membership in my Sole Success Club, attend my ONWARD! Live Event or apply for a bad a**, life changing, rock-your-world VIP Day with me.

Wherever you are on the road, (or in your life), the peeps over here at Sole Revolution headquarters have your back. Not only that, but when you pitch your tent in our camp, you’ll get instant access to 1000s of women who, just like you, are going balls out, all in on living bolder, playing bigger and full on rockin’ the road.

We can’t wait to meet you!

If you liked this blog, you know you’re one of us, right? So join the Sole Sisterhood. It’s totally free – and I’ll send you my “Rock the Road” triple pack to get you started! Enter your name and email here:

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