Your audience is counting on you.
Shouldn’t you have a speaker who can deliver?

You need someone with a message, and the expertise to back it up.  You also need someone who can engage an audience with passion, so that your participants leave your event with new knowledge and a recharged fire burning inside them.

A dynamic speaker can turn your group’s meeting into an event, and an event into a life-changing moment.

Brook Kreder is that speaker.

Brook Kreder is a blogger, author, marathoner and business owner who inspires people with her wit and wildly authentic wisdom about all things running, marketing and leadership. She’s known for her raw, honesty and in-your-face-hilarity… time and time again, her audiences have walked away from an event re-committed to playing a bigger, bolder game in their business and their life.

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Presentations Include:

Brook Kreder’s Little Black Book of Leadership

What if who you are is enough for people to follow your lead?

The truth is YOU are being called to be a leader. That means there’s no room to play small. Stay stuck. Live out of alignment. When you DECIDE to step into leadership in a bigger, bolder way, not only do you model for others how to lead effectively, but you give them permission to do the same.

Leadership is a personal responsibility…it’s about building authentic connections, living courageously, and unleashing the potential of others. If you want the fast-track formula for leadership that will catapult your personal and professional success, don’t miss this presentation.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Top 10 Leadership Myths and Mistakes
  • The #1 Type of Leader Everyone Wants to Be Led By
  • How to Build a Leadership Brand that Sells (And doesn’t suck!)
  • The Fast-Track Formula for Becoming a Better Leader

ONWARD! How Running Your Race, Your Way, Transforms Your Body, Spirit and Life

Onward-BookSitting in a dingy hotel room, with a bag of Cheetos in one hand and a vodka tonic in the other, Brook Kreder decided it was time to change her life. Her business was on the skids, her marriage was stalling out, and her future looked anything but bright. In a flash of insight, she made a spontaneous decision that ultimately changed everything. Armed with little more than an iron-willed determination, a pair of old running shoes, and a blog, Brook began training for her first marathon. Onward is her story of false starts, redemption and triumph as she pushed herself to ultimately cross the finish line.

In this intimate, soulful, hilarious presentation, Brook shares her personal journey to training for her first marathon.  For her, running isn’t about pounding pavement and racking up miles, it’s about who you BECOME when you chase a monster goal. It’s the epic metamorphosis that happens in your life when you set every last ever-lovin’ excuse aside, declare your super powers and shout, “F* THAT, YES I CAN.”

If you crave the new, super cool, totally doable formula for joy, prosperity and outrageous success, this presentation delivers.

The Leadership and Success Academy

lsb-binderWhat started as a 7-week group program quickly turned in to a powerful 2-day intensive that empowers both entrepreneurs and employees to work smarter, think bigger and create new levels of success in their lives.

The Leadership and Success Academy is perfect for groups of people who ride for the same brand as well as associations, educational institutions, mid-size corporations and non-profits. Here’s a sample of what the 2-day intensive includes:

  • The surprising “F” word that fosters long-term success. (Most people have no idea what this is – it’s why they constantly struggle to get off dead center.)
  • 7 reasons whatever IT is isn’t working for you and how changing your behavior can create a rock-solid foundation for success.
  • A totally doable 3-step Fearless Formula that teaches you how to ask for (and get!) what you want. (You’ll never shy away from confrontation or sticky situations again!)
  • Creating solid boundaries that will dramatically reduce the drama in y our life. (This one tip alone will save you a ton of heartache not to mention your sanity!)
  • A can’t-mess-it-up checklist for smartly identifying your next steps… even in a crisis. (This will help you always come back to the truth of who you are.)
  • Where to find hidden opportunities in your life. (This simple investigative process will boost your connections + visibility exponentially!)
  • Your official not-to-do list and the nitty-gritty on building an esteem team.
  • 5 quick start strategies for becoming the leader everyone wants to be lead by. (We’ll also cover the top 10 leadership myths and mistakes so you can avoid them entirely!)
  • A custom, life-changing success map for making your intentions a reality. (We’ll reverse engineer your success path to finally get the RESULTS you deserve.)

With the Leadership and Success Academy, the stage is already set. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or waste thousands of dollars, (or hours!), trying to figure out what to do next. Over the course of 2 days, Brook will essentially hand over her connect-the-dots system that has helped hundreds of people create more prosperity, success and bliss in their lives.

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Marketing Success Bootcamp: The Fast-Track Formula for Creating Rapid Results in Your Business

Most small business owners despise marketing. So they ignore it, hire someone else to do it, or throw oodles of money at it and hope something will work. The truth is, you’re not born with a roadmap to success… you have to create it. Attendees walk away with simple, inexpensive strategies they can implement immediately to jumpstart their marketing, win new clients and boost their bottom line.

Presentation includes:

  • Top 5 Myths of Owning Your Own Business (And how these pesky misperceptions hold most small business owners hostage!)
  • Marketing Mastery: Specific techniques to attract NEW clients to your business and have them say yes to you over and over. (It’s so much easier than you think!)
  • Attract, Connect and Covert Your Peeps: Your peeps are the reason your business exists…learn elegant, easy ways to build an authentic (and profitable!) connection.
  • Revenue Roadmap: How to create a long-term marketing plan that is entirely focused on RESULTS. (And what to focus on in the next 90 days to finally get the success you deserve!)
  • FREE BONUS: 21 Quick Start Strategies to Ramp Up Your Online Marketing. (Free ebook!)

You will also get handouts, templates, worksheets and tools you can put to work immediately in YOUR business for rapid results.

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