[A Year in Review] Should. Should. Should. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t.

activity journal 2014

I think the New Year is the perfect time to let sh*t go.

That’s why I’ve been busy calling it quits with three of my all-time favorites… the f* word, wheat, and vodka. The f* word has to go ‘cause I say it more than Chris Rock and the Wolf of Wall Street combined. Wheat is on the chopping block b/c my pants are too tight and they’re starting to feel like a health hazard.  And as far as vodka is concerned… we’re not reaaaaaaaally breaking up. We’ve just agreed to take a hiatus for a few weeks to give my innards a rest.

I’ve also been busy purging in other areas of my life – my storage closet, vendors, my address book and contact list.

Here’s why:

Because this year, if it doesn’t make me happy…  it’s OUT.

Note: I seriously sat in my sauna on New Year’s Day and deleted half of my contact list. Unfortunately, the only person this will probably hurt is me as I won’t know who is texting.

In addition to the break ups + purging, I’ve also been paging through my activity journal to add up the number of miles I propelled my ass forward in 2014. It’s been like a trip down ‘So, this is why I’m mean + crazy’ lane.

I could see when I was diagnosed with tendinitis.  (March)

I could tell when I got lazy and STOPPED strength training. (May)

My eyes lingered longingly over the date of my last pain-free run before my stress fracture. (July)

It was clear when I lost the joy of training. (August)

It became obvious when Midas [my dog] started giving me the stink eye for not walking him. (September)

And I noted, (gratefully), how my training has tapered off since my first 70.3 finish. (October)

Hint: If you don’t keep an activity journal of some kind, consider this a nudge to do so. It’ll blow your mind what you can accomplish in a year. I’m planning on pics + notes this year to change it up – a descriptive, VISUAL reminder of where I’ve been. (That’s mine from last year up top.)

After spending a few hours at my desk with a calculator, here’s where my 2014 numbers shook out:

Running: 681.05 miles

Biking: 2,217.50 miles (Trust me… my undercarriage knows!)

Swimming:  147.15 miles (The damage done to my hair + skin tells me this # should be higher.)

Rowing: 64.69 miles

Elliptical: 194.7 miles

Walking: 244.63 miles

Total miles: 3,359.72

Weight Sessions: 70

Rest days: 39

Note: If you’d have told me 10 years ago I would be hauling my ass, by myself, over 3300 miles in one year without a propulsion system of any kind I’d have called your mother and told her you were trickster.  Today, I can’t help but think I can do more.

Here’s the deal…

If you’re anything like me, you ‘should’ yourself to death. I ‘should’ be doing more. I ‘should’ be able to run 2000 miles injury-free. I ‘should’ be able to swim 300 miles per year like an Olympian. Because I live in Colorado, I ‘should’ be able to crush everyone in my age group on the bike. I ‘should’ have a clean house. I ‘should’ go to church more. I ‘should’ be nice to everyone. I ‘should’ drink less vodka.

Should, should, should. (Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t.)

This year, I’ve decided to take a more fashionable approach. (And you’re welcome to join me.) I’ve promised myself I will enjoy MORE and endure less. That I will no longer ‘survive’ a circumstance, a relationship, a training schedule, a client, a situation or any other hint of bull sh*t that makes me feel dis-empowered or small.

Instead I will:

  • Live authentically
  • Choose truth
  • Embody passion + presence
  • Honor how far I’ve come
  • Celebrate self-reliance
  • Propagate courage
  • Pioneer my own path
  • And invite others (i.e. YOU) to do it with me

[Hint: if you’re ALL IN on this more fashionable approach, share your story with me here.]

Today I’m celebrating break-ups, epic bouts of bravery and the belief that only good lies ahead for all of us.



P.S. An activity journal is evidence that you’ve done more than enough. (And probably a hell of a lot more than you expected.) Start one today, okay?

P.S.S. Saturday is seriously the last day for you to get in on my private, VIP, members only Inner Circle of Sole. If it’s time to call b.s. on yourself and chase a big finish line, save your seat here.

P.P.S.S. Happy [early] Birthday Mom. You’ve loved me through my best + worst – wishing you a year that lights up your soul. Xoxo 


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